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Hotel to Hands Program

Soap Aid’s new Hotel to Hands Program is a sustainable and scalable model that makes it easy to collect, return, recycle and save lives.

To join our new Hotel to Hands Program as a Hotel Champion,
complete the online registration form below and you will be partnering with us to transform communities throughout the world.



Saving Lives

Your contribution helps us recycle soap & reach more communities throughout the world, growing our global reach. Handwashing with soap can reduce over 40% of diarrhea cases & save lives.


Saving the

Saving the Environment

By collecting your hotel's waste soap, you are saving millions of bars of soap from overflowing landfills. Your direct actions reduce landfill, carbon emissions & the use of raw materials.


Driving the

Driving the Change

Your status as a Soap Aid HOTEL CHAMPION creates a positive association with your brand, helps build trust amongst guests, & shows your commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

How to get involved

Every hotel room provides


A small annual contribution per hotel room can have a life changing impact


3 children
with critically needed soap for a whole year


63 bars
of recycled soap every year

How We Support Hotel Champions


Education and training of hotel teams with regular impact reports


Provide marketing collateral and promote involvement with Soap Aid


Access to a simple and user-friendly online logistics solution

Read more about becoming a HOTEL CHAMPION

Hotel to Hands Program - Our Process

one icon

Hotel completes online registration

two icon

Payment is calculated based on number of rooms

three icon

Hotel receives the Hotel Champion Welcome Kit containing all collateral to get started.


Hotel commences collection of soap from guest rooms

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Hotel arranges pickup of soap via Soap Aid website

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Freight company will contact Hotel and advise collection date (usually within 24-48 hours)

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Freight company will collect soap

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Hotel can log onto Soap Aid website to monitor soap collection data